I'm Slaviana Pavlovich


Experienced Technical Product Manager with a track record of delivering impactful products in both start-up and corporate environments.

Hands-on data analysis experience using a range of computational techniques including Python, R, SQL and SPSS.

UK Tier 1 Global Talent Visa endorsed by the UK Home Office for outstanding work in Digital Technology.


My Skills

Technical Skills


Language Skills

English Fluent

Russian Native

Belarusian Native

My Awards

Highest Achieving Student

In July 2018, I was awarded the Highest Achieving Student Award for obtaining the top mark in 2nd year exams during my undergraduate degree from my cohort of 150 students (average mark over 80%).

Worldwide Microsoft Student Partner

I was awarded the Worldwide Microsoft Student Partner Award in September 2017 for leading by example with my passion for learning through three Microsoft Professional Programs (Data Science, Big Data and Front-End Web Development), and also for being proactive on campus.

200 Hours Award of Excellence

In March 2016, after 200 hours of volunteering in the National Assembly for Wales, I was awarded a certificate by Carwyn Jones, Former First Minister of Wales, recognising my work as an outstanding political researcher.

My Résumé


MSc Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology
Imperial College London

• Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Computing (Python), Mathematics and Statistics.

• Computing Project 1 (Jan. - Mar.): developed a personalised human microbiome metabolism exploration tool for clinicians and researchers. The technologies used were the following: MySQL for the database, Python for statistical analysis and building the pipeline; Flask with HTML, CSS and JS for the website.

Data Analysis Project 2 (Apr. - Jun.): investigated the signature genes of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis from high-dimensional RNA-Seq data with machine learning methods.

• Bioinformatics Project 3 (Jun. - Sep.): targeted identification and extraction of metabolites from untargeted liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry datasets.


  • Computing Project 1: Distinction
  • Data Analysis Project 2: Distinction
  • Bioinformatics Project 3: Distinction
  • BSc Computer Science and Management
    First Class Honours (77% overall avg.; 83% avg. for CS modules)
    University College London

    • Key modules: Programming in Java (top of the year), Statistics (top of the year), Database Systems (top of the year), Machine Learning (top of the year), Software Engineering, Information Systems, Managerial Decision Making.

    • BSc dissertation involved the application of machine learning techniques (NLP) in Python to customer satisfaction reviews within the hospitality industry - achieved 78%.

    • Ranked 1st in Year 2 in the cohort of over 150 students.


  • First Year (2016/2017) average: 75%
  • Second Year (2017/2018) average: 80%
  • Third Year (2018/2019) average: 75%
  • A Levels
    Cardiff Sixth Form College

    • Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (B), Government and Politics (A), Russian (A), Independent Research (A).

    • I wrote a paper in my free time during my A-levels titled: “Should society encourage the development of 3D Printing, particularly 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs?”, which was published in the International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research in October 2016.

    • Achieved Grade 8 with Distinction in Public Speaking from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


    Lead Product Manager
    JPMorgan Chase & Co

    Jan. 2022 – Present

    • Leading product management of novel confidential FinTech and data products within the JPMC Business Accelerator.

    Program Manager

    Apr. 2021 – Present

    • Driving the development and management of data science and machine learning initiatives for the Transportation Operations Management team, covering all of Amazon’s sites in EMEA.

    • Building data visualisation dashboards using Tableau and AWS QuickSight to enable better communication with internal and external stakeholders.

    • Additional Responsibilities: Vice President of Women in Transportation EU & UK, Tech Lead for Mental Health and Well-Being in EU & UK & IND Transportation, Technical Product Manager at Women @ Amazon, UK Lead for Women In Transportation, Sustainability Ambassador, Leader of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Transportation Committee.

    • Received "Women @ Accelerator Award" for my contributions towards Women @ Amazon.

    • AWS Certified Cloud Practioner.

    Technical Product Manager

    Oct. 2020 – Apr. 2021

    • Identified potential data breaches of sensitive information and developed an agnostic SWIFT ISO 20022 financial message parsing tool to fix the problem within 3 weeks. This software is capable of processing XML files, generating formatted Excel output ready to be sent to clients and eliminated reliance on 3rd party software and the work of two full-time Analysts.

    • Identified technological bottlenecks and automated workflows across the organisation.

    • Reported to and advised C-level executives daily.

    • Set up IT Project Management for the company using Asana, allowing management of multiple large releases and BAU.

    • Assessed IT infrastructure and accelerated digital transformation through the cloud.

    • Coordinated product releases with Operations, Sales and Development teams, as well as Proxymity’s clients.

    • Constructed Data Science solutions and laid the ground for the Data Science Department.

    • Implemented my technical expertise to write Proxymity's API documentation.

    Textbook Reviewer
    Oxford University Press

    Feb. 2018 – Aug. 2019

    • Selected member of Oxford University Press Business Student Panel.

    • Assisted with the editorial process of the pre-release publications in the field of Business & Management.

    • Analysed book proposals, provided feedback on publications (such as "Quantitative Methods & Statistical Analysis" and "Critical Thinking") and evaluated content quality.

    Partner Lead, UCL

    Feb. 2017 – June 2019

    • Appointed Lead for UCL’s 39,000 students, managing a team of 25 Microsoft Student Partners.

    • Ran regular events and tech demos on campus to spread awareness of the latest trending technology in the industry.

    • Conducted technical workshops for students across various disciplines, providing support both online and on campus.

    Academic Assistant
    University College London

    Jan. 2019 - – June 2019

    • Contributed to the improvements in the delivery of the Interaction Design module within the Department of Computer Science, as part of UCL's Change Makers initiative.

    • Conducted interviews to understand the issues the students were facing and designed appropriate solutions, leading to a 22% increase in student satisfaction rates.

    • Participated in disseminating the outcomes more broadly across UCL.

    Data Science Director
    UCL Technology Society

    Oct. 2016 – June 2019

    • Managed educational events and workshops, introducing Data Science with Python and R to the largest society in UCL.

    • Organised and led 24h hackathons, including Porticode and PixelJam (UCL’s first Game Jam), averaging 100+ attendees per event.

    • Raised awareness and training skills for Data Science amongst the UCL student community.

    Political Researcher
    National Assembly for Wales

    Nov. 2014 – Mar. 2016

    • As a member of the research team for William Graham, the Conservative Shadow Leader of the House, I prepared plenary questions for the First Minister of Wales and Cabinet Ministers.

    • Provided qualitative and quantitative analysis for Enterprise and Business Committee reports.

    • Advised on monitoring policy developments in South Wales East.

    My References

    My Portfolio

    On this page you can find examples of my projects and publications.

    Signature Genes
    Microbiome Metabolism Exploration Tool
    Smith–Waterman Algorithm
    Genetic Drift
    Analysis of online hotel reviews
    3D Bioprinting